Conceptual Development, UI/UX,
Frontend Development

Engaging museum audiences with a mobile experience that blends art and community reactions.

Connecting digital natives to MCASD

The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) is home to more than 4,700 works created since 1950, including an unprecedented collection of art by Southern California and Latinx artists. MCASD wanted to expand their audience and connect ethnically diverse Millennials to contemporary art on their own terms.

Working with Sosolimited, I lead the design development of MCASD React, a mobile platform that invites visitors to respond to artworks with their own images and text. Each artwork becomes home to a dynamic conversation, with its own content feed that grows as community members add their reactions.

Creating a flexible platform

Museum staff can create and share new prompts to celebrate events like holidays or artists’ birthdays, making MCASD React a flexible platform that can evolve to support the museum’s changing needs.

MCASD Reacts's impact

MCASD React provides a personal entry point for visitors to discover works of art in MCASD’s collection. It gives an underserved population an opportunity to contribute their voice and creates a public venue where artworks and reactions are on display together.